Organic Makeup Off


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A minimalistic approach to organic skincare using only three certified organic ingredients. The rich, organic oils of olive + jojoba naturally lifts all traces of grime and dirt leaving face moisturized. Organic castor oil is an effective cleanser and skin emollient - creating a barrier. This lovely trio is also an effective eyelash conditioner. 

Makeup Off is perfect for those who wear mininmal makeup and just need a bit of a refresh in their routine. 

2 oz amber glass bottle / vegan / use within eight months for maximum freshness

Directions: Shake bottle well. Apply to organic cotton ball, and gently rub makeup off, gentle enough for eye makeup as well. Follow with Nourish and Pomegranate or Blue Tansy Serum. 

As with all skincare routines, test a small amount on your jawline or neck for allergic purposes. Please allow a few weeks for your skin to adjust.

Ingredients: Olive fruit oil,* Jojoba oil,* Castor oil*
Indicates certified organic*
Ingredients are listed on every label for anyone with allergies.
** As always, please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or have any medical issues before using any Lenora product.