About Us


The name LENORA stems from my Norwegian Grandmother and inspiration. She was the most lovely person, and her spirit lives through all the products. All products are created in small batches - located right on beautiful Lake Superior in Superior, Wisconsin.

This skincare journey started when I could not find ANYTHING for my sensitive, irritated, skin. All the commercial products contained chemical-laden ingredients that I could not pronounce. I knew that was NOT good! 

VERY frustrated, determined, and imaginative, I started to experiment with herbs + flower blends. It started working! Simplicity was the key! 

LENORA is mindful with simple and effective certified organic ingredients. We also highly value sustainability: we love to use glass bottles, jars and paperboard containers. We are always trying to improve our carbon footprint. 

We incorporate SELF-CARE into our philosophy. If you are not well and happy in the mind and spirit, you certainly can’t help others. 

LENORA donates to our local shelter which creates meals and board and helps people find jobs. 

I hope you love LENORA.

Enjoy! xo