About Us




Our little cozy corner of the world is located on Lake Superior in Wisconsin. The beautiful name LENORA stems from my Norwegian Grandmother and inspiration. She taught me about self-care at a young age and the importance of taking control of your mental and physical health. 

This business started when I couldn't find anything to cleanse my skin. Many of the commercial products contained chemicals, and I was looking for something organic, simple and effective. VERY frustrated, determined, and imaginative, I started to experiment with ORGANIC herbs + flower blends. It started working! Simplicity was the key! 

LENORA creates products with certified organic ingredients in very small batches with NO dyes, preservatives, or chemicals. We also DO NOT test on animals! We highly value sustainability: glass bottles, jars and paperboard containers. We are always trying to improve our carbon footprint. 

SELF-CARE is incorporated into our philosophy. If you are not well and happy in the mind and spirit, you certainly can’t help others. 



 Enjoy! X 

  1. Jennifer