Dry Brush Tool


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Need a bit of fresh energy to your skin? A true Ayurvedic ritual that involves dry brushing the skin with a bristled tool. It can aid in lymphatic drainage (release of toxins), buff away dead skin cells for glowing skin, and can refresh and energize if used in the morning. It also allows a few moments to experience self-care and calmness. Be gentle and breathe. 

Directions: Not suitable for the face. When receiving tool, gently cleanse with mild organic soap before first use and let dry. Use brush on DRY skin BEFORE showing. Start at the feet and gently brush skin in upward counterclockwise strokes (light to medium pressure) and a few strokes within each area. Work your way up your body, always working up towards the heart. Use daily or a few times a week with recommended time around 5-10 minutes for each ritual. 
Brush has boar bristles with wood engraved logo. 

Lenora and this treatment has not been tested by the FDA.