Dry Brushing





Give yourself a few moments of peace each morning. Dry brushing is an ancient tradition which can promote lymphatic drainage, enabling our body to look and feel its best. Dry brushing can be done daily or weekly. 


1. Clean brush upon receiving it with mild organic soap. Let dry before first use.

2. Dry Brush in the AM using medium pressure strokes starting at the feet. Always work towards the heart, when you get to the stomach area, brush in a counterclockwise motion (can promote digestion). Allow yourself at least five minutes for this beautiful routine. 

3. Shower (rids the body of toxins) 

4. After showing, apply a few dropfuls of Juniper Body Oil to dry skin gently while breathing deeply. Enjoy the day. 

*Consult your physician before starting any routine that is new to you or if you have any changes in your health. LENORA does not claim to cure or treat any illnesses. Not approved by the FDA.