Organic Facial Powders

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Facial powders have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years providing some sort of relief to the skin and body. In the last few years, they have come to surface again, and in full force! If Cleopatra used oatmeal to cleanse her face and Asian women use rice flour to lighten & nourish their skin, we know that there is something special about using simple ground goodness from the Earth. As we love to say, simplicity is always the key.

So what exactly are facial powders?

Facial powders are created with botanicals that cater to different skin types. These powerful ingredients are then used to cleanse, detoxify, calm, and enliven the complexion.

What is the difference between a water based facial product and facial powders?

A product that contains water ALWAYS needs to have a preservative (possible skin irritant) or it will grow mold very quickly. Facial powders can last up to a year with no problem (keeping them in a cool, dark area will also prolong the life of the product).


 Why do they work?

Organic facial powders contain a variety of organic plant based ingredients to perform several skincare tasks. LENORA facial powders can brighten and rejuvenate, cleanse, fight inflammation, tone skin, provide healthy cell renewal, hydrate, the list goes on. One thing our masks all have in common is that they are used in the most raw form that is available to us, USDA certified organic. With these high standards, we know that your skin is getting the BEST version of these ingredients to nourish and invigorate.

Organic facial powders are also very versatile. Using them allows you to actually customize your skincare routine. How amazing is that!? You control what liquid is mixed in with your mask depending on your skin’s needs that day, and your skin can change quite often depending on the season, temperature, hormones, etc… For example, your skin decides to show up with a few oily patches and a few pimples, try mixing in a bit of yogurt to one teaspoon of powder. Or, if your skin is pretty dry, mix a bit of honey or banana with a teaspoon of powder for a more hydrating mask. Choices are good in life, especially if it’s with your skin.

 Stay cozy friends. xx