Organic Simplify Skincare Gift


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A small box of the sweetest skincare treasures. The perfect way to simplify your skincare routine without committing to full size. We included some of our favorites: Makeup Off to gently cleanse your skin, a small corked bottle of Exfoliate to shed those unwanted dead cells and doubles as a mask, and your choice of serum (Pomegranate for anti-aging OR Blue Tansy for sensitive skin). Choices are always nice. 

Box includes: Makeup Off (.30 oz), Exfoliate (.50 oz), and Serum (.30 oz). Please choose serum in dropdown menu. 

Gift will arrive in a small brown Kraft box with twine. 

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*Ingredients are listed on every label for anyone with allergies.

** As always, please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or have any medical issues before using any LENORA product. LENORA has not been approved by the FDA.