Organic Lavender Lotion Stick


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A lotion stick is an alternative to liquid or cream lotions, as it is in a solid form (in a tube + zero waste), just push up to use. Pure, rich butters for your skin nourish and heal. Place on at your desk, gym bag, etc...

The raw + organic butters of mango and kokum deliver essential vitamins and fatty acids to your skin, providing hydration and nourishment. These butters are incredibly soft to the skin feels like a dream with its luxe organic lavender scent. 

NOTE: organic + raw butters can tend to get grainy, this does NOT change the amazing benefits it offers to your skin. 

1.35 ounces zero waste tube / use within one year for maximum freshness


Beeswax,+ Kokum Butter,* Mango Butter,* Coconut Oil,* Lavender Oil,* Non GMO Vitamin E, good vibes

Indicates certified organic* Indicates sustainably sourced (USA)+

Ingredients are listed on every label for anyone with allergies.
** As always, please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or have any medical issues before using any LENORA product. LENORA has not been approved by the FDA.