Organic Orange + Clove Hair Pomade


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Organic beeswax + coconut oil for the hair is very luxurious, as they both act as emulsifiers (keeps moisture in), while conditioning and smoothing hair. Pomades help to hold, shape, and add texture to hair. You can feel good knowing this pomade is made without chemicals, dyes, and preservatives. The organic plant oils of sweet orange + clove aid in scalp regeneration, repair & irritations. 

This product is great for adding texture to hair styles and to remedy split hair ends. 

Note: This pomade contains organic coconut oil which solidifies in cooler temperatures. If purchasing in the Northern states, please know that you must use a hair dryer or fingers to warm up pomade. The cooler temps does not change the benefits of this product.


beeswax,+ coconut oil,* orange oil,* clove oil,* vitamin E.

Indicates certified organic* Indicates sustainably sourced (USA)+.                 

 ** As always, please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or have any medical issues before using any LENORA product. LENORA has not been approved by the FDA.