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Allowing yourself some space is essential, and this gift set does just that. Dry brushing has been around for many years and is an essential part of the Ayurvedic tradition. It involves brushing the skin in an upward motion while dry, stimulating the lymphatic system responsible clearing toxins, a must for healthy skin and body. The organic Juniper Body Oil compliments dry brushing with its delicious oils that also encourage lymphatic draining, detoxifying as well as toning and smoothing the skin. 

1. Dry Brush in the AM

2. Shower

3. After showing, apply Juniper to skin gently while breathing deeply. 

Gift includes (1) Dry Brush with boar bristles, and (1) Organic Juniper Body Oil. They will be tucked gently into a Kraft box with twine. Please leave gift messages in cart area where it states leave comments here. 


*Ingredients are listed on every label for anyone with allergies.

** As always, please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or have any medical issues before using any LENORA product. LENORA has not been approved by the FDA.