Organic Coconut Lip Butter


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Summer and Coconut. Is there anything better than a creamy organic lip butter with Coconut? We use certified organic flavor oil that of coconut that is sweet smelling. 

Also, we are very proud to pour these luxurious ingredients into a ZERO WASTE paperboard container. Just push up with finger to use. This container is double the amount of a normal lip balm tube. 

.30 oz paperboard tube / use within one year for maximum freshness

INGREDIENTS: sunflower oil,* beeswax,+ coconut flavor,* non GMO vitamin E 

Indicates certified organic* Indicates sustainably sourced (USA)+ 

*Ingredients are listed on every label for anyone with allergies.

** As always, please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or have any medical issues before using any LENORA product. LENORA has not been approved by the FDA.