Century Sun Oil

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Do you love LENORA Lip Butters?

If you said yes, that’s amazing! If you said no, you definitely need to try them! Either way, we have a treat for you today! As a business, we appreciate companies that are certified organic, sustainable, and community based. We also love to support LOCAL when possible, and this company is in Wisconsin, please give a warm welcome to Century Sun Oil. Located in Pulaski, we are so honored to chat with owners, Pam and Dale. And yes, you guessed it, we use their delicious Sunflower Oil in our Lip line and love the nourishing benefits it offers. Please read on to find out more about Century Sun Oil.

How did you begin your journey into sustainable farming? And how long has it been?

Century Sun Oil is located on a farm that has been in Dales family for 140 years. A dairy farm for many years, Dale began organic transition in 1995 and migrated to organic vegetable production and stopping milking cows. A state certified kitchen was added to the barn. When we decided to start the sunflower oil production it was a no brainer since we had a facility that would accommodate what we needed. Our production facility is located in the repurposed dairy barn, the seeds are stored in bins, dried cleaned, transferred to a silo and then to our press for crushing seed into oil, filter and bottle.

Why is organic farming important to the community/environment?

After our seeds are pressed, it produces a meal which is used in the animal feed industry, so we have no waste to our process, everything is used. We work with a group of organic farmers that grow seeds for us, they are very passionate about preserving the natural health of soil without using chemical fertilizers.

What are some benefits of your sunflower oil?

Our oil is high oleic, it is considered one of the healthy fats. It is versatile in that it can be used for cooking as well as dressing and marinades, anywhere you use oil in your kitchen. It is good for skin care products, it is high in vitamin E, and since we do not chemically filter - all the good components are left in the oil.

Do you have a favorite recipe to use with your oil?

I love it for all my stir frying and sauting, and I have a go to salad dressing recipe that can be adjusted to individual tastes.

Sun Oil Dressing

1 Tbsp Grated/minced ginger

Chopped garlic to taste

2 tsp liquid aminos or salt

1/3 cup lemongrass vinegar (or your favorite balsamic)

¾ cup Century Sun Oil

Mix first 4 ingredients, then slowly whisk in oil and enjoy

Feel free to add honey if you like.

Where do you see your farm in the next 5-10 years?

We have room to expand in our current facility, so we plan to be here still pressing and selling organic sunflower oil.

Where can we get our hands on your glorious organic sunflower oil?

We sell from our website centurysunoil.com, you can find us in many of the coop food stores, some natural and organic stores as well.



We would like to thank Dale and Pam for taking the time to educate us on their amazing farm and sunflower oil! They are also on Facebook, please follow them on their journey. Also, if you get the chance to grab a bottle of their oil, please do, so many benefits and uses.

Thanks for reading. xx


Photo credit: Century Sun Oil